Is Your Organization Financially Fit?

Discover the bottom line benefits of investing in the financial well-being of your key stakeholders!

Learn how improving the financial know-how of your employees and customers can provide a triple benefit to your bottom-line.

In today's fast paced market place, now more than ever savvy organizations are starting to understand that in order to get a competitive edge, we must build tremendous sales and service cultures.

Covered Topics:

  • Find out how investing in the financial know-how of your employees can help to improve employees satisfaction and engagement with up to a 300% ROI
  • Learn how improving the financial fitness of your customers can help to drive up to 3X improvement in the quantity and quality of referrals
  • Discover how new innovations fusing best practices in technology, psychology and behavioral science have been used to boost retirement savings in target groups by 40% from a 2 year research study with the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Who Should Attend?

This power packed informational session is ideal for bank executives or managers who are interested in staying abreast of all key trends in the industry and want to learn how best to help their organization attract, build and cultivate deeper relationships with their employees and customers.

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