Problem Loan Identification

This course is designed to sharpen the ability of participants to recognize potential problem loans early and identify appropriate solutions once they surface.

Covered Topics

  • Identify early warning signs of problem loans in the following areas:
    • Business and Operational
    • Accounting
    • Working capital
    • Financial statements
    • The back office
    • Relationship issues
  • Develop a concrete set of procedures once a problem loan has been identified.
  • Explore options for resolving problem loans including workout, outplacement and liquidation.
  • Explain guarantor risks and guarantor contingencies to ensure the loan is properly underwritten.
  • Discuss who is responsible for sounding the alarm and developing an action plan.

Who Should Attend?

Commercial lenders, credit analysts and small business lenders, consumer lenders, mortgage bankers and private bankers; loan review specialists, special assets officers, lending managers and credit officers.

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