OFAC: Can We Comply?

In today’s shifting political landscape, the questions is can we comply? Will we have a hit? It is a crazy quilt of OFAC sanctions and programs, that we are asked to comply with. It is your job to manage the OFAC risk and do the best you can in this environment. Your policy, procedures, risk assessment will mitigate your risk and help your institution comply with OFAC sanctions. What are the reports we need to complete if we get a match? What are the steps we need to take to get the money secured? And what is going on in the Russia, North Korea and Iran sanctions? Learn more in this program which is designed for community banks and credit unions.


  • Developing a good OFAC Compliance Program
  • Reports to complete
  • General and Specific Licenses and maintenance of those
  • Issues with particular sanction programs
  • Russian Sanctions
  • North Korea
  • IRAN
  • Europe and US at odds
  • And much much more

Who Should Attend?

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