Performance Appraisals That Work

Most managers or supervisors find writing employee performance appraisals one of their most dreaded tasks. They understandably complain about numerous factors that compromise the effectiveness of the appraisal-writing process. Appraisals might be irrelevant to the position or the employee. They often are incomplete or imprecise. They tend to be disingenuous or subjective. The process is time consuming. Most importantly, they may lack utility, so they fail to move the business. As a result, the appraisal process runs the risk of being reduced to “smile sheets” for little more than bureaucratic record-keeping purposes. Appraisal writers need tools to make their evaluations real to themselves and their staff.

Performance Appraisals That Work enables business professionals to compose employee evaluations with a practical system regardless of their field. This webinar shows you how to plan, draft and review appraisals to align with your organizational mission and objectives. Your appraisals will be complete, organized, practical, and fluent to help your staff know their strengths, challenges, and next steps in cultivating their career. Just as importantly, you will have a standard for writing all employee appraisals that you can use time and again

What You Will Learn

  • Approach performance appraisal-writing with a focused plan.
  • Develop appraisals that support the employee assessment.
  • Separate ideas based on the key elements of any core area.
  • Detail appraisal points thoroughly, accurately, and consistently.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar addresses the staff-appraisal writer’s concerns whether you are a business leader, department manager, team supervisor, HR consultants, or individual contributor. You will want to attend this webinar if you write many staff performance appraisals under tight time pressure.