Feedback and Coaching

A business coach wears many hats: subject-matter expert, role model, developer, mentor, observer, consultant, liaison, facilitator, and cheerleader. Feedback and Coaching provides a thorough, well-organized overview of best practices to master these many roles. This webinar covers the need to cultivate real relationships with those you coach, practical standards to assess them by, effective ways of offering feedback, and helpful proactive follow-up activities. It also discusses the key steps involved in applying the ADDIE process to the coaching situation. You will leave Feedback and Coaching with greater knowledge, authority, and confidence in fulfilling this vital responsibility.

What You Will Learn

  • Establish credibility through genuine relationships in the coaching process.
  • Develop conflict-resistant strategies to create a safe environment for feedback.
  • Employ methods that facilitate giving and receiving quality feedback.
  • Provide effective feedback to develop others through the coaching process.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for business professionals in coaching of new and senior associates regardless of the coach’s or coachee’s level in the organization.

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