Using Principles of Critical Thinking

We are inundated with information and, understandably, distrustful of most of it. Too many reports and proposals make invalid or unreliable claims about key problems, and suggest impractical approaches to solving them. Such practices are not surprising, considering critical thinking is so marginalized in a fast-paced, bottom-line, short-sighted work world.

Using Principles of Critical Thinking addresses this problem, which can cost companies a fortune. This webinar mines the fields of science, medicine, law, politics, philosophy, literature, education, and business to give you workable communication models that will expand your intellectual toolbox. For all teaching points, the speaker provides practical examples to help you execute them at work. Part 1 of this webinar, “Substance and Structure,” addresses issues of valid and reliable content as well as structure. Part 2, “Reasoning and Refuting,” uncovers universally accepted ways of arguing from either side of a position. You will leave Using Principles of Critical Thinking knowing that your education was worth getting.

What You Will Learn

  • Use time-tested techniques to heighten message integrity.
  • Assess information to determine reliable and trustworthy conclusions.
  • Structure arguments precisely.
  • Communicate based on scientific principles.
  • Argue logically from either side of a position.
  • Apply formal models of effective argumentation.
  • Develop skills to avoid misleading or inaccurate wording.

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is for accountants, auditors, business analysts, equity researchers, risk managers, and proposal writers. It will help if you seek skills to communicate powerfully in a new position, or if you are a seasoned employee looking to brush up on your critical-thinking skills.