Lie Detection

A Human Resource Manager has many challenges. One that is not readily apparent is dealing with deception. 60 percent of working adults cannot have a 10-minute conversation without lying. 40 percent of people lie on their resumes. From new hire interviews to meetings about performance, an HR manager runs into many situations where lying can occur. How can an HR manager get a better indication of when they are being lied to?

In this webinar, Lie Detection expert J.T. Turner will guide you through various skills you can use to detect when you are being lied to and give you suggestions for finding the truth.

Covered Topics

  • The High Cost Of Lies
  • Establishing a Baseline
  • Picking Up Tells
  • Reading Micro Expressions
  • Sentence Structure in Lies
  • Adept Questioning
  • Legal Issues

Who Should Attend?

This Webinar is designed for HR Managers and Bank Management Staff who would like a stronger ability to read people and detect the truth. (Please note, the simple detection of lies is generally not a basis for disciplinary action, unless backed up by factual data. But knowing a person is lying to you often allows you to further investigate an issue).

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