A Lender's Guide to Understanding and Assessing Commercial Real Estate Leases

This fast-paced webinar will identify the key legal and financial aspects of a commercial lease.

A primary focus of this webinar will be the proper assessment of future cash flow from rental income based on a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the underlying lease. Understanding these key drivers will allow a lender to properly prepare a rental rate sensitivity analysis to stress test projected income. This analysis will ultimately determine the loan commitment level.

What You Will Learn

  • Reviewing leases, lease summaries and lease abstracts to extract necessary data
  • Understanding the relationship between the Landlord and each Tenant
  • Evaluating potential conflicts between the Landlord’s Lender and a Tenant’s Lender (and their economic consequences)
  • Assessing the financial strength of the Tenant and any credit support for its lease obligations

Who Should Attend?

Whether you make loans to owner/landlords secured by real estate, rents and leases or loans to tenants secured by leasehold improvements and leasehold interests, this webinar is for you.