Survival Strategies for the New Trainer

Maybe you volunteered, maybe you applied, maybe you were appointed. Whatever the case, you made your way to the role of bank trainer. Welcome to this elite group. This webinar is designed for the bank trainer with limited experience and or training but the highly experienced trainer will find nuggets of new learning and plenty of confirmation about what they do that helps them to excel on the job.

Join the country’s premier trainer of trainers, Honey Shelton, as she passes out oxygen masks and life jackets to those courageous trainers looking for strategies to elevate their personal effectiveness.

Covered Topics

  • Job number one for the bank trainer – deliver training that transfers to learning
  • Set and communicate expectations for any training program
  • Incorporate adult learning principles in your training design
  • Need to create a training program? Where do you start?
  • Build…don’t burn bridges. Who do you need to partner with?
  • How can you involve and get support from the supervisors? If you can’t, the odds are low that training will stick.
  • Learner engagement…how do you ensure the learner participates?
  • Predictable challenges (distractions, detractors, defectors, etc.) and options for dealing with them
  • Reduce your fear as you learn how to manage nerves and jitters at the front of the room
  • Embrace continuous improvement for every program you design and deliver

Who Should Attend?

Anyone that designs and delivers bank trainers or supports those that do.