Marijuana Year End Wrap Up

During this program we will look at the year end situation of this industry. Has the Safe Banking Act passed? Do we have federal hemp guidelines? What are the hot spots and pit falls for this industry as we examine our role in the future? This program will provide a 50 state handout of all the laws and a summary chart.

Covered Topics

  • A look at the federal picture on hemp, marijuana and oil
  • What is going on in the state markets?
  • Are there any solutions?
  • Do we need to develop a policy, procedures and processes?
  • How do we stay out and what should we do when we discover customers with product?
  • How do we get in?
  • Where are we on the hemp front? Status of hemp regulations

Who Should Attend?

BSA Officer and Staff, Security, Deposit Operations, Deposit and Loan Compliance, New Account representatives.