Update! Nonresident Aliens: Interest Reporting, CIP and CDD

IRS Issues Final Regulations January 2

Nonresident Alien interest reporting for 2020 has begun. Do you have your Foreign Taxpayer Identifications Numbers, Completed W-8BENs? If not, your interest reporting may require withholding in 2020. Learn where we are now in this process of FATCA and interest reporting exchanges between countries. Plus, we will review acceptable IDs, questionnaires on risk for CIP and CDD. You won't want to miss this program on NRAs for 2020. This webinar contains final IRS regulations that provide guidance on certain due diligence and reporting rules applicable to persons making certain U.S. source payments to foreign persons, and guidance on certain aspects of reporting by foreign financial institutions on U.S. accounts. The final regulations affect persons making certain U.S.-related payments to certain foreign persons and foreign financial institutions reporting certain U.S. accounts.

What You Will Learn

  • Interest reporting on 1042S
  • Setting up the W-8BENs
  • What will expire and what does not on W-8BEN
  • What to do if you can't complete a W-8BEN
  • Learn how to run risk-based questionnaires
  • Learn how to get acceptable Identification
  • And much more

Who Should Attend?

This webinar is recommended for individuals who are Compliance Officers, BSA, Training, Deposit Operations and all Branch Personnel.