Weekly Compliance Updates for Uncertain Times - May 22nd

It seems the entire retail banking business model is changing before our eyes, and no one knows which changes will be temporary or permanent. More loans have become impaired in a shorter time than any time in recent history. Relationships between personnel and employees has rapidly changed to a remote/electronic model. Customers need help now and regulators are issuing new rules and guidance on a daily basis.

How do you keep up with all that is happening?

This webinar series is intended to keep you current with timely updates and insights each week. Sessions will be short and sweet – 30 minutes – designed to not take up your whole day. Not only will we cover what’s happening, but we’ll talk about what to do about it.

What are best practices in this new environment? What are the operational challenges, in addition to the legal and compliance changes? And remember, “traditional” compliance requirements haven’t gone away. There are still many requirements to keep in mind. For example, virtually every lender is under siege to modify loans. How to best do this? What are the compliance implications? When this has all passed, even though the world will never be the same, there will eventually be compliance exams where an institution’s actions will be scrutinized. You want to be sure to protect your institution for the future as well as now.

Multiple links to regulatory issuances will be provided to keep you current and save you from having to surf around for all the latest guidance. Q&A opportunities will also be provided so you can get your questions answered when you need them.

Covered Topics

Schedule tentative and subject to change based on weekly events (regulatory, economic, etc.).

  • CARES Act and the many issues that impact financial institutions and banking:
    • New SBA loan programs (Payroll Protection Program, or PPP)
    • Loan forbearance and debt restructuring
    • Deposit insurance
    • Credit reporting
    • Student loans
  • Dealing with mortgages – federal programs, Fannie/Freddie, and regulatory expectations and allowances
  • Loan modifications, complaints and disputes, and remote banking – keeping up
  • E-SIGN, UETA, and RON – lending in a remote and electronic age
  • What about exams and examiners?
  • Remaining wary of scams, and BSA implications
  • CRA and HMDA implications
  • Bankers as “essential employees” – what does this man and what all is involved?
  • Employment and tax implications

Who Should Attend?

There are few groups in any institution that wouldn’t get something of use out of these sessions, but certainly risk and compliance professionals, auditors, lending personnel of all sorts, management, legal staff, customer service groups, and back office personnel, among others, would gain great benefit from these sessions.