An Introduction to Fiduciary Accounts

Fiduciary accounts (e.g. trusts, estates, guardianships, etc.) can present some unique challenges for new accounts personnel. What forms do I need? What do these terms even mean?

While documentation requirements vary from state-to-state, the general principles behind most fiduciary accounts remain the same. Join Regulatory Compliance Counsel Michael Christians for a high-level overview of the fiduciary accounts your financial institution is most likely to encounter.

Covered Topics

  • The 4 types of trust accounts
  • Estates
  • The 4 types of powers of attorney
  • Representative payee accounts
  • Guardianships
  • Conservatorships

Who Should Attend?

New accounts representatives, branch managers, compliance officers and others looking to gain a better understanding of fiduciary accounts would all benefit from attending this webinar.