Employment Law Overview: Keeping Up With the Times and Avoiding Pitfalls

HR professionals are constantly challenged to keep up with the ever-changing workplace, employments laws and technology. There are more employment laws and cases than any other area of litigation. They are ever-changing. There is always a new regulation, a new interpretation, another surprise liability. Do you stay awake at night worrying about what is lurking for you in employment law? If you stay updated you may be able to be prepared and rest easy. This update will provide information on hot topics, trends and recent developments in areas of importance for employers and provide the opportunity for questions and answers.

The cases which make major headlines are often not the most important for hands-on HR and business managers to understand. The most important for actual day-to-day operations and practical Do’s and Don’ts are less well known, but have much greater impact. This program will emphasize the useful lessons which should be learned from these cases and developing trends.

Covered Topics

  • New President, new Supreme Court majority, same Congress – what does it mean for 2021?
  • Supreme Court issues to watch
  • Dept. of Labor changes to expect in key areas
  • COVID-19 issues – now and to come
  • Trends and hot topics from “hair style discrimination” to scarier personal liability
  • Discrimination law update
  • Best practices & practical guidance
  • Wages & Hours & FLSA And
  • The strangest cases of the past year

Who Should Attend?

Human Resources Managers, Branch Managers, Executives, Supervisors.