BSA 101 for New BSA Compliance Officers

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"Where do I even start?" is a question new BSA Compliance Officers often ask themselves. This program will provide resources and information to help answer that question.

Compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act continues to be a supervisory priority so it’s important for new BSA Compliance Officers to have a good grasp of the requirements and, more importantly, where to get answers to questions that may arise. This session will provide new BSA Compliance Officers with information on the laws and rules, as well as guidance on resources that can help make their jobs easier.

Covered Topics

  • Overview of Bank Secrecy Act and other Anti-Money Laundering Rules
  • Components of a strong BSA programs
  • Using technology to help with BSA compliance
  • Resources all BSA Compliance Officers need to know about

Who Should Attend?

New BSA Compliance Officers, Chief Compliance Officers, Compliance, legal, risk management staff, Operations staff, CEOs.