De-Risking Customers - Where Are We?

If you have ever said “We don’t bank ____”. You may be guilty of de-risking.

This issue is heating up around the country for Bank Secrecy purposes because of the AML Act of 2020 passed in 2021. Be careful with these decisions and how a better more risk oriented approach may be more appropriate. Learn about de-risking and maybe think about new look at your risk paradigm.

Covered Topics

  • What is De-risking?
  • What is happening in the AML Act about de-risking
  • Is there guidance out on risk
  • High Risk Customers—who are they and why is it hard to bank them
  • Charities
  • Money Service Businesses
  • Nonresident Aliens
  • Embassy and PEPs

Who Should Attend?

BSA Officers, Risk Officers, Compliance, Management, Deposit Operations, Branch Administration and Training.