Frontline Fundamentals

Sales, Service and Communicating Compliance

This fast-paced webinar is all about expertise and performance. Focusing on the key issues the frontline must manage effectively everyday, Frontline Fundamentals, will heighten awareness, teach techniques and provide information concerning selling, service delivery and compliance follow-through.

The theme is communicating the right way at the right time with the customer! Can your staff identify what the customers need? Can they provide solutions? Can they resolve issues with difficult or upset customers? Can your staff introduce products and services effectively? Do they know how to convey what is required of the customer when it comes to the bank’s CIP? Lots of questions will be answered for the frontline in this program. Topics will all relate to selling, customer service, and frontline compliance issues. Learning how to be tactful, professional, and enthusiastic are some of the many highlights of the workshop. Your staff will be more confident and capable of making the most of encounters with the customer whether it’s a sales opportunity, a service request, or a time when an explanation is needed concerning policy, regulations, or procedures. You will want all of your staff to attend this InterAction Training Systems’ workshop.

You Will Learn How To...

  • Stay alert for money laundering scams
  • Understand the critical pieces to REG CC and BSA for the frontline
  • Turn a complaint into an opportunity
  • Manage difficult questions and people like a pro
  • Convey in customer-friendly language the why’s and how’s associated with policies and regulations
  • Quickly identify what products/services are a good match for your customer
  • Improve your persuasion skills
  • Master the art of referrals and do your part to increase investments, deposits and loans
  • Increase your cross-selling ratios and tie the customer to YOUR bank

What Will Be Covered…

  • Growing interest from the regulators regarding compliance concerns
  • Risks associated with oversight or ho-hum attitudes when it comes to sales, service and compliance
  • Your attitude altitude impacts whether you leave work high or low
  • Five things to always do when waiting on a customer
  • Five products every customer should have
  • Hot regulatory buttons facing the frontline

Who Should Attend?

All frontline personnel...tellers, call center personnel, customer service representatives, new account specialists...need to attend this program. Managers, assistant managers and trainers with ties to retail operations will not want to miss this program!