IRA Annual 4-Part Series: From A-Z

Everything you need to know about IRAs in a four-part webinar series.

August 30, 2022
September 9, 2022
September 15, 2022
October 20, 2022
Presented by Patrice Konarik
2h total length
$1,049.00 or 4 Tokens

Includes: 30 Days OnDemand Playback, Presenter Materials and Handouts

  • Compliance
  • IRAs
  • Branch Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Deposit Operations Manager/Specialist
  • Internal Auditor
  • New Accounts Representative
  • Private Banker
  • Teller
  • Trainer
  • Trust Officer

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This four-part series includes the following webinars. Click the dropdowns below for a complete description of what will be covered in each session. Each Webinar can also be purchased individually.

Series Details

IRAs Part 1 - The Basics

IRAs will never make sense unless you start at the beginning. The first session of this 4-Part series is designed to help you understand for the essential terms, forms and IRA product differences.

  • IRA Terminology and IRS Reporting Forms
  • Explanation of IRA Forms to Establish an IRA plan and make additional contributions
  • Qualifications, 2022 Contribution Limits, Income Phase-out limits, Age Limits and other new regulations for a:
    • Traditional IRA
    • Roth IRA
    • Conversion Roth IRA

IRAs Part 2 - How to Move Money Correctly Between Retirement Plans

The terms "rollovers" and "transfers" are the most misused and abused words in the whole IRA dictionary. They are very often used interchangeably when explaining how to move retirement plan funds. You might think "What's the big deal if I say 'rollover' or 'transfer'? It's not the words that come out of your mouth that are the problem. It's how it's coded in the system and reported to the IRS that becomes a huge problem.

  • Difference between an IRA Rollover and a QP Rollover
  • 60-day rule and once-per-12-month rule
  • Difference between and IRA rollover and an IRA transfer from IRA to IRA
  • Difference between a 'Recharacterization' and a 'Roth Conversion'
  • Rules governing rollovers and transfers after the owner reaches age 72
  • How nonspouse beneficiaries move money between retirement plans

IRAs Part 3 - Distributions to Owners and Beneficiaries

One of the most complicated areas of IRAs is the distribution of funds to IRA owners and beneficiaries - especially when it seems like the IRS changes the rules every week. Right now there are proposed regulations pending and several bills in Congress that will effect IRAs. This timely update is a necessity to keep your customers on the right track to avoid IRS penalties.

  • New federal income tax withholding rules
  • When an IRA owner postpones their first RMD
  • When beneficiaries have optional distributions and/or must take an RMD
  • Different types of beneficiaries for payout options
  • Which age used to calculate Single Life payments to a beneficiary
  • Who is required to take the deceased owner's RMD and report to the IRS
  • 9 red flags of beneficiary payouts

IRAs Part 4 - How to Audit IRA Files

What do your IRA files contain? Too much paperwork? Not enough paperwork? With the change-over of IRA personnel, both good and bad habits of the previous employees may turn into a legal nightmare.

  • Proper documentation to open, close, move, and maintain an IRA
  • Record retention of closed IRA files
  • How to review IRA procedures and documentation flow
  • Checking the IRA transactions for proper coding and reporting
  • Reports generated by your system to review IRS reporting before it is submitted
  • How to correct mistakes found in the IRA Audit
  • 25 of the most common mistakes found during an IRA audit
  • Different types of IRA audits

What You'll Learn

Each webinar in the series will cover specific topics relative to the subject matter.

Who Should Attend

Anyone who works with IRAs in any capacity will benefit from this webinar series.

"I have attended many of Patrice's live seminars, she is a great trainer and is so knowledgeable on the IRA products." -- Rhonda Prasifka, Citizens State Bank

Patrice Konarik

Instructor Bio

Patrice M Konarik is president of Sunwest Training Corp founded almost 30 years ago and is located in the Texas Hill Country near San Antonio. With over 40 years of experience in the financial industry, Patrice has focused her expertise on the retirement account area and after 28 years on the road providing live training nationwide, is now concentrating on providing informational IRA and HSA Webinars through OnCourse Learning / www.BankWebinars.com. She has a BS in Management Science from New York’s Binghamton University and previously held her Certified Financial Planner Designation for 23 years.