The Commercial Lending Training Series - 10 Webinar Bundle

Attend this 10-step “commercial lending training series” to learn the basics, intermediate, and advanced concepts of commercial lending at a discounted price of $1895 (a $2,950 value)!

Recorded Wednesday,
September 1st, 2021
Presented by David Osburn
20h total length
$1,895.00 or 8 Tokens

Includes: 12 months of OnDemand playback access

  • Lending
  • Branch Manager
  • Commercial Lender
  • Compliance Officer
  • Controller/Accountant
  • Credit Analyst
  • Internal Auditor
  • IT Professional
  • Loan Closer
  • Loan Operations Manager/Specialist
  • Private Banker
  • Senior Management
  • Small Business Lender
  • Trainer

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This bundle includes 10 webinars in our “commercial lending training series” that are designed to teach the basics, intermediate, and advanced concepts of commercial lending at a discounted price of $1895 (a $2,950 value)! Each webinar is roughly two hours in length. Registrations include twelve months of OnDemand playback.

The series begins with Credit Analysis Basics, Introduction to Commercial Lending, Key Ratio Analysis, and Basic Personal and Business Tax Return Analysis and then continues onward to C&I Lending and CRE Lending. This is followed by Advanced Financial Statement, Cash Flow, and Tax Return Analysis. The series then concludes with Advanced Collection Tools.

This training series is a must for all individuals that have a desire to move forward in their commercial lending career!

What You'll Learn

Credit Analysis Basics - What are the 5 Cs of Credit?
Attend this proactive webinar and learn how banks make lending decisions based on the five (5) C’s of credit- capacity, capital, collateral, conditions, and character!

Introduction to Commercial Lending
This webinar covers the basics of Commercial Lending and is a must for all new commercial credit analysts and lenders. This will include “conventional” versus SBA commercial loans, credit scoring small commercial loans/lines, full-scale commercial loan underwriting including cash flow analysis, and the commercial loan process.

Key Ratio Analysis: Calculating and Interpreting the Numbers Correctly!
Attend this proactive webinar and learn a “five-step” analysis plan to calculate the key ratios covering liquidity, activity, leverage, operating performance, and cash flow analysis and correctly interpret the financial condition of the business client.

Basic Personal and Business Tax Return Analysis
Attend this proactive webinar and gain an understanding of the often complex and confusing topic of TAXES! In this session, we will explore personal and business tax forms and cash flow analyses, miscellaneous tax issues, and tax updates.

Commercial and Industrial (C&I) Lending in Today's Competitive Market
This webinar will begin with a brief overview of Commercial and Industrial (C&I) loan products including working capital lines of credit, ABL facilities, and equipment financing (loans/leases) and their typical structure.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Lending in Today’s Economy
This webinar will begin with a review of the CRE market including types of properties and demand/supply in the “current” market. This will be followed by the CRE “loan process” including marketing, underwriting, approving, documenting, “closing,” and monitoring the CRE credit. Additionally, strategies to handle a problem CRE loan will be addressed.

Advanced Financial Statement Analysis
This session will include analyzing the four financial statements- Income Statement, Statement of Retained Earnings, Balance Sheet, and Statement of Cash Flows, the “quality” of financial reporting, a “five-part” key ratio plan, and the Z-score (bankruptcy predictor) and Sustainable Growth models.

Advanced Cash Flow Analysis 
This webinar will explore multiple models of both business and personal (business owner) cash flow analyses including EBITDA, personal, Global, UCA Cash Flow, Cash Basis Cash Flow, Fixed- Charge Coverage (FCC), Free Cash Flow, and Commercial Real Estate cash flow models.

Advanced Tax Return Analysis
This webinar will provide the banker with several advanced tax return concepts and related analyses including tax strategies for the small to medium-sized business and owner(s). These concepts will help the commercial lender to more effectively work with their business clients.

Advanced Collection Tools Vital in Today's Economy
This “proactive” webinar covers negotiation, technical, and management tools in collecting cash. The negotiation process will include the “human factors” while the technical skills will include “business law basics” (contract law and lender liability).

Who Should Attend

This training series is a must for all individuals that have a desire to move forward in their commercial lending career!

Presenter was knowledgeable, kept the energy up as much as possible. Great concise introductory information. Thank you!

David is possibly the best speaker I have heard! Passionate but carefully crafted explanations.

David Osburn

Instructor Bio

David L. Osburn, MBA, CCRA, is the founder of Osburn & Associates, LLC, a Business Training & Contract CFO Firm that provides seminars, webinars, and keynote speeches for bankers, CPAs, credit managers, attorneys, and business owners.

His extensive professional background of over 30 years includes 20 years as a Business Trainer/ Contract CFO and 16 years as a bank commercial lender including the position of Vice President/Senior Banking Officer. Mr. Osburn has also been an adjunct college professor for over 30 years including College of Southern Nevada.