Webinar Subscription Service

Save on annual training costs with our Webinar Subscription Service. Build a flexible, engaging, and meaningful training program for your entire institution.


Select a token pack

  • 10 Tokens

    Get up to 10 webinars per year

  • 20 Tokens

    Get up to 20 webinars per year

  • 30 Tokens

    Get up to 30 webinars per year

Supercharge your training program and build a custom subscription that fits your organization’s training needs.

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What was the top complaint that 150+ financial institutions had in common when we asked them about their training program needs? They struggle to find up-to-date professional online training for their teams on a tight annual budget. Next on their list was finding a training provider that could educate and bring value to every person in every role within their institution. Our product teams got to work designing a solution that offers maximum flexibility and cost-savings for teams of all sizes: our Webinar Subscription Service.

How does it work? As a subscriber, your institution will purchase and use Tokens (instead of dollars) to access upcoming, OnDemand, live stream, bundle, and series webinars at a discount*. Your teams can then register for and access webinar content within your Subscription Library. *Excludes digital download recordings, online self-paced programs and certificate programs.

Subscription Benefits

  • Get unlimited OnDemand playback on webinar purchases for the duration of your subscription
  • Invite five colleagues at your organization to attend any live webinar at no additional cost
  • Give your entire team access to webinar recordings within your Subscription Library
  • Get free access to bi-monthly compliance briefings taught by Carl Pry, a highly-respected compliance expert ($1400 value)
  • Enjoy generous rollover options to ensure that your Tokens won’t expire each year
  • Tailor your subscription to your institution's needs with 10, 20, or 30 Token packs