Regulation E: The Electronic Fund Transfers Act

As consumers continue their shift to a nearly all-digital platform for conducting personal financial transactions, a thorough understanding of Regulation E and the Electronic Fund Transfers Act is an absolute necessity for financial institutions. During this 90-minute webinar, participants will learn about:

  • Disclosure requirements;
  • Consumer liability for unauthorized transactions;
  • Error resolution procedures;
  • Requirements for overdraft services; and
  • Requirements for gift cards.

We’ll also briefly touch on remittance transfers and proposed changes to the remittance transfer rules.

Covered Topics

  • Disclosure requirements
  • Consumer liability for unauthorized transactions
  • Error resolution procedures
  • Requirements for overdraft services
  • Requirements for gift cards
  • Remittance transfers

Who Should Attend?

Card services staff, deposit operations personnel and compliance professionals would all benefit from the information covered during this webinar.