Building an IT Strategic Plan That Helps You Make Decisions

Does your IT Strategic Plan work for you, or is it just a document that you review once a year? Traditional FFIEC regulatory guidance calls for an IT Strategic Plan that identifies medium-to-long-term goals and allocations of IT resources over a three-to-five year timeframe.

But how does your IT Strategic Plan help you to make decisions about which types of technology you WANT to deploy and WHO your institution wants to be when it comes to deploying technology?

What You Will Learn

  • FFIEC Guidance on IT Strategic Planning
  • The Law of Diffusion of Innovation
  • What Kind of Bank Are You?
  • What’s Your Acceptable Level(s) of Risk?
  • Lining Up Risk With Strategy
  • Creating an IT Strategic Plan that can be your “North Star”

Who Should Attend?

Information Security Officer, IT Directors, Risk Managers, Auditors, Directors, or other management team members wanting more information regarding FFIEC requirements and expectations.