Coronavirus - Check Your Pandemic Plan and BCP

As the number of global cases of COVID-19 nears 100,000, and the number of US infections rises, it's time for financial institutions to dust off their Pandemic Preparedness Plans and revisit our plans for operating with a reduced staff. Pandemic Preparedness, which falls under the umbrella of Business Continuity Management, was all but removed from the updated FFIEC Business Continuity Management booklet in November of 2019, but we've quickly remembered that doesn't mean that the threat of a global pandemic isn't real.

This seminar will cover the current state of the COVID-19 - the Wuhan Coronavirus - and what financial institutions need to do from a Pandemic Preparedness and Business Continuity Perspective.

What You Will Learn

  • FFIEC guidance on Pandemic Preparedness
  • Short-term employee staffing issues
  • Long-term employee staffing issues
  • Communications - with employees, customers, regulators, and media
  • Supplies and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • and more

Who Should Attend?

Information Security Officers, IT Managers, Risk Officers, Internal Auditors, Board members, or other management team members involved with Pandemic Preparedness and Business Continuity plans.