Income Opportunities: Near-prime Consumer Loan Takeout Programs

With many banks tightening lending criteria, many prime, near-prime, and non-prime bank customers remain underserved by their primary financial institutions which choose to not approve a large number of these loan applicants. Second-look consumer loan takeout relationships with institutional investors can address this service gap and allow your bank to lend to more of your customers rather than letting them turn elsewhere for their borrowing needs. At the same time, they open up new, contractually guaranteed income streams to your bank.

You have worked hard to gain a loyal customer base. Instead of denying many of those customers’ loan applications, learn how you can approve them with an immediate, pre-defined takeout path through a forward flow purchase agreement with a second look investor. Your bank retains zero credit risk on loans sold to investors. You keep every loan you want and still retain 100% of the customer relationship on the loans that you sell.

Covered Topics

  • Learn about what to look for and what to avoid in second look forward flow takeout partnerships
  • Explore the various ways second look forward flow takeout partnerships can be monetized
  • Understand the strategies through which your institution can maximize the value of a second look forward flow takeout partnerships
  • Discover how you can hold on to 100% of that customer relationship while retaining zero credit risk on loans that would otherwise be denied by your bank
  • Review the things that second look forward flow investors look for in a bank partner
  • Understand strategies to enhance customer relationships even in second look forward flow takeout partnerships
  • Compare different loan servicing options for second look forward flow takeout partnerships

Who Should Attend?

This presentation is for bank senior management, including CEOs, CFOs, CLOs CCOs, COOs, and Presidents. Also recommended to attend include Lending Professionals, Consumer Product Managers, and Strategic Partnership Professionals.