Violence in Your Workplace: Prevention & Response

“You must realize that this can happen anywhere.” These chilling words were spoken by a lady who watched as six of her coworkers were shot during a meeting at her office. Workplace violence takes its toll - physically, emotionally and monetarily. How many people are currently contemplating committing an act of violence in the workplace? Preventing these acts is much preferred and more cost-effective than cleaning up afterwards. It’s essential that we train employees to recognize pre-incident indicators and report them before an act of violence occurs, but it is also critical to have a plan in place to respond should the unthinkable occur. We will analyze recent cases to identify unheeded warnings, and then identify physical security measures and procedures that either were not in place or were ignored. Participants will have a clear understanding of the existing violence problems; ways to recognize warning signs; prevention policies and methods, and how they should respond in an active shooter situation.

This session will benefit you not only in your work life, but your personal life as well. Have you ever thought how you would react in a robbery? A violent confrontation? An active shooter situation?


  • Recent Case Studies
  • Recognizing Warning Signs
  • Handling Domestic Violence Situations
  • “Best Practice” Methods for Violence Diffusion and Prevention
  • Preventive Physical Security Measures
  • Active Shooter Response
  • Types of workplace violence
  • De-escalation techniques

Who Should Attend?

This session is recommended for anyone.