Making the Case: Here’s What We Want to Train and Why

As a new budget year approaches, training professionals are busy preparing plans, costs, and scheduling for another year of development. Often, organizations need to present plans to members of the Executive Leadership team to not only earn buy-in, but to earn coveted budget dollars as well. This session will help training professionals to speak the language of the executive, tie in training tactics to company-wide strategies, and present training KPI's that will earn training dollars. To drive the point home, a panel of CEO's will present their take on what they want to hear!

Covered Topics

  • Training plans
  • Budget Requests
  • KPI's
  • Trends in Bank Strategy
  • Making the case
  • Workforce Development Grants
  • Business Strategy
  • Executive Selling
  • Presentation Skills

Who Should Attend?

L&D Directors, Training Managers, Director of Retail, Director of CX.