SARs and COVID Fraud

During this program, we will discuss completing the Suspicious Activity Report for COVID 19 Related Crimes. Advisory after advisory has come out this year detailing the Red Flags for COVID crime and how to complete the SAR. This program will look at all these advisories. What are the red flags for fraud? What boxes need to be completed in each situation? How can we prevent loss to our financial institution? These are the questions that need to be answered. This is a line-by-line look at how to detect the suspicious activity and then complete the SAR.

What You Will Learn

  • Unemployment Fraud
    • Fictitious employer-employee fraud
    • Employer-employee collusion fraud
    • Misrepresentation of income fraud
    • Identity-related fraud
    • Insider fraud
  • Twitter Fraud
  • Government Payments
  • Medical scams
  • PPP red flags and indicators
  • Samples on SARs and samples on boxes to complete
  • Suggestions about narratives
  • And much much more

Who Should Attend?

BSA Officers, BSA Investigators, Compliance, Security and Operations.