Banking for Beginners: An OnDemand Webinar Series

Banking for Beginners is a library of short, pre-recorded courses for the new employee. This training series is designed to help promote a general understanding of banking systems, money, deposit and loan products and other key topics that employees at a financial institution should be familiar with. During the programs, students will be offered a chance to learn about the history of banking as well as what the future may offer.

Each Course Contains:

  • Video module
  • Handout in PDF format
  • 5 question quiz
  • Average session duration less than 15 minutes
  • 12 months of access

Assign these courses to individual colleagues to be completed all at once, or view the sessions as a group during a weekly or monthly meeting. You may use these educational tools as an introduction to set a solid foundation for employees entering our industry or for those who want to brush up on key areas. Affordable and timely training for your staff is a must have in your training library. Banking for Beginners will help your new hires start out with the right foot forward.

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Covered Topics:

Topics included in the Banking for Beginners Course Library includes:
  1. A History of Banking
  2. US Currency
  3. Understanding the Role of the Federal Reserve
  4. How Banks Make Money
  5. How Money Moves
  6. FDIC Insurance
  7. The Difference Between Credit Unions and Banks
  8. Deposit Products
  9. Loan Products
  10. Banking Services
  11. Regulations, Guidance & Laws
  12. Role of the Banker
  13. Regulators: Who are they and what do they do?
  14. Individual Retirement Accounts
  15. Careers in Banking

Who Should Attend?

The content in this course library is recommended for all new employees at your financial institution.