AML: Human Trafficking from a Survivor

It’s the world’s first one-of-a-kind training where survivors offer credible insight into the world of human trafficking, typologies, and an explanation of how the money flows within organized crime settings.

Recorded Tuesday,
October 18th, 2022
Presented by Timea Nagy-Payne
1h 30m total length
$279.00 or 1 Token

Includes: 30 Days OnDemand Playback, Presenter Materials and Handouts

  • BSA
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management/Legal
  • Bank Secrecy Act Officer/BSA Specialist
  • Branch Manager
  • Commercial Lender
  • Community Reinvestment Act Officer
  • Compliance Officer
  • Consumer Lender/Retail Banker
  • Credit Analyst
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Deposit Operations Manager/Specialist
  • Internal Auditor
  • Loan Closer
  • Loan Operations Manager/Specialist
  • Marketing Officer/Business Development
  • Mortgage Lender
  • New Accounts Representative
  • Privacy Officer/Information Security Professional
  • Private Banker
  • Risk Manager
  • Senior Management
  • Small Business Lender
  • Teller
  • Trainer
  • Trust Officer

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This event was originally scheduled for June 28th. It will now take place on October 18th.

Human Trafficking and Sex Trafficking is a Behavior Crime. It is also a Ghost Crime that is designed for you not to see it. Our Survivor Led training is unique because it will give insight into the world of Human Trafficking from the Traffickers and the Victims perspective. It will also give real answers regarding the difference between victims of Sex Trafficking and Sex Workers. Get the complete breakdown of the amount of money that can be made in the sex industry, the understanding of account balance, the float, and the actual players of the organized crime rings.

What You'll Learn

  • How the money flows within the organized crime world
  • Real Life Case Studies
  • Perspective from Survivors and Subject Matter Experts
  • Typologies
  • Trafficking Transactions and Red Flags
  • Follow the Money, current trends, money transfers
  • Forced Labour
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Trafficker and Victim behavior
  • How to verify the validity of a potential HT situation

Who Should Attend

Professional Anti-Money Laundering or Financial Crime Professionals.

Timea Nagy-Payne

Instructor Bio

Human trafficking survivor, author, speaker, and social advocate, Timea Nagy, immigrated to Canada in 1998. Her nightmare unfolded in Toronto that same year after arriving from Budapest, Hungary in the hopes of finding meaningful employment.

The daughter of a Hungarian policewoman, Timea was held hostage (FOR THREE TERRIFYING MONTHS) at the hands of traffickers and was forced to work in the sex industry. Thankfully, she escaped and started life anew. Ten years later, Ms. Nagy founded ‘Walk with Me’, a non-profit organization to assist victims of human trafficking and law enforcement agencies. Between 2009 and 2015, her organization helped over 300 victims and over 500 human trafficking-related investigations throughout Canada. In fact, Ms. Nagy played a key role in Canada’s largest human trafficking investigation led by the Canadian Federal Police (RCMP Niagara Falls Detachment) known as project OPAPA.

Ms. Nagy provided training to numerous agencies in Canada, the U.S., and Europe – reaching over 10,000 law enforcement officers within sex crime units, the Federal Bureau of Investigations. Ms. Nagy’s journey was chronicled at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in the Turning Point Exhibition in 2014, and her many acknowledgments for outstanding service include: Prime Minister’s Volunteer Award, Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Medal, and the International Freedom Award by Free the Slaves. She was also the first survivor to start teaching Financial Institutions in North America about the importance of joining the fight. As a result, she was invited to join a part of the United Nations, Financial Taskforce to end Human Trafficking otherwise known as the Liechtenstein Initiative, in fighting human trafficking around the world.