Employment Compliance Priorities for 2023

This session is designed to provide attendees specific industry guidance detailing the federal expectations for the upcoming year. We will also highlight the state and local legal and regulatory requirements which are spreading across the country (i.e., pay transparency). We will provide take and use documents to facilitate Bank compliance efforts and implementation of industry best practices.

Recorded Thursday,
March 9th, 2023
Presented by Steven Greene
1h 30m total length
$279.00 or 1 Token

Includes: 30 Days OnDemand Playback, Presenter Materials and Handouts

  • Auditing
  • Compliance
  • Human Resources
  • Risk Management/Legal
  • Bank Legal Counsel
  • Compliance Officer
  • Human Resources Officer
  • Internal Auditor

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As we enter the new year, this session is designed to brief Bank Human Resource Professionals concerning the employment compliance priorities and new obligations which we will encounter. Entering the second half of the Biden administration term, we are witnessing a wide range of material changes from the federal employment agencies. At the same time of course, we are experiencing significant business challenges when it comes to recruitment, retention, and compensation management.

The 90 minute session will include a question and answer session to provide individualized guidance. As with prior OnCourse Learning programs we will endeavor to follow-up with attendees if time does not permit us to respond to all questions during the program.

What You'll Learn

  • New federal overtime exemption standards (May expected release date)
  • FTC rule prohibiting noncompete agreements (impact on financial institutions)
  • New OFCCP Directives governing compensation equity evaluations
  • Compliance challenges resulting from remote employee relationships
  • ADA Compliance – i.e., Leave of Absence Abuse
  • Diversity Efforts – AAP Plan Terms and DEI Programs

Who Should Attend

HR, D&I, senior leaders, compliance, audit and bank counsel.

Steven Greene

Instructor Bio

Steve Greene specializes in employment litigation, employee benefit issues and compensation matters supporting community banks. He regularly speaks to employment lawyers and human resources professionals in the banking industry. During the past 40 years, Steve has assisted financial institutions evaluate compliance obligations. He has also managed federal and state regulatory investigations and litigation across the country. His work has also included working with industry associations to influence the DOL and members of Congress.