Opening New Accounts: 3 Part Series

This webinar series will encompass opening personal, business, trust, minor, power of attorney, estate accounts, and much more! Although not customized to specific state law, it will answer the more complicated and challenging questions customers and employees ask. Whether you are new to new accounts or have decades of experience, you will gain more confidence and be prepared to handle even the most complicated scenario!

April 30, 2024
May 1, 2024
May 2, 2024
Presented by Matthew Dickinson
2h total length
$829.00 or 3 Tokens

Includes: 30 Days OnDemand Playback, Presenter Materials and Handouts

  • Compliance
  • Customer Service
  • Deposit
  • Deposit Accounts
  • Deposit Compliance
  • General Compliance
  • Risk Management/Legal
  • Teller
  • Trusts
  • Bank Legal Counsel
  • Bank Secrecy Act Officer/BSA Specialist
  • Branch Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Deposit Operations Manager/Specialist
  • Marketing Officer/Business Development
  • New Accounts Representative
  • Private Banker
  • Risk Manager
  • Senior Management
  • Teller
  • Trainer
  • Trust Officer

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Series Details

Opening New Accounts Part I: Consumer Accounts

This two-hour workshop focuses on the risks, procedures, best practices, and compliance requirements for opening personal and consumer accounts.

  • 6-Step Account Opening Process
  • TIN Compliance
  • Personal Account Ownership Overview
  • Personal/Consumer Account Difficult Scenarios
  • Opening Accounts for Minors - UTMA
  • Who Can Access An Account During Lifetime And At Death
  • Power Of Attorney

Opening New Accounts Part II: Business Accounts

This two-hour webinar examines not only the documentation requirements on business entities available in most states but also provides clarity on how to identify who has the authority to open and transact on behalf of the entity.

  • Business Account Documentation
  • Resolutions – Purpose and Proper Completion
  • Business Taxation Options and Why We Have To Care
  • Sole Proprietorships
  • General, Limited, Limited Liability, and Limited Liability Limited Partnerships
  • Limited Liability Company and Series LLC
  • Determining LLC Business and Tax Classification
  • Profit and Non-Profit Corporations
  • Understanding Sub-Chapter S Corporations (S-Corps)
  • Non-Profit Associations, Social Clubs, and Charitable Organizations
  • Adding and Removing an Owner or Non-Owner as a Signer
  • Access at the Death of a Business Account Signer/Owner
  • FinCen - Beneficial Ownership Due Diligence Requirements
  • Documenting Complicated Business Structures
  • TIN Compliance "Cheat Sheet" Included In Session

Opening New Accounts Part III: Trust and Fiduciary

This two-hour webinar delves into the responsibilities of collecting appropriate documentation, providing ownership options, titling accounts correctly, and allowing proper access to trust, fiduciary, and minor accounts not only during lifetime but at the death of a signer as well.

  • Defining Trustee, Personal Representative, and Fiduciary Roles and Responsibilities
  • TIN Compliance for Trust, Minor and Fiduciary Accounts
  • Proper Account Titling
  • Formal vs. Informal Trust Comparison
  • Key Questions to Ask When Setting Up Trust Accounts
  • Six Pieces of Required Information For all Trust Accounts
  • Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trust Accounts
  • Payable on Death (POD)
  • As Trustee For, In Trust For, Totten Trusts
  • Minor Accounts
  • Court Ordered Accounts
  • Roles and Responsibilities of a Personal Representative
  • Understanding Estate Accounts
  • Guardianship/Conservator Accounts
  • Social Security Representative Payee
  • Veteran's Affairs Fiduciary

What You'll Learn

Each webinar will offer best practices and techniques you can implement in your organization.

Who Should Attend

Customer contact personnel, supervisors, and officers whose responsibilities include opening or managing new accounts, as well as Personal Bankers, BSA Officers, Deposit Operations, Branch Administration, CIP Managers, Training and Business Development Officers, Internal Auditors, and Compliance Officers will find the information beneficial. Lending assistants and officers will find the information informative as well.

Matthew Dickinson

Instructor Bio

With almost two decades of banking experience ranging from opening new accounts and IRAs, lending, managing operational and lending teams, and serving in key executive management positions - Matt knows the benefit of strong frontline training and its role in managing operational, regulatory, and reputational risk. Effective 2024, Suzie Jones retired after five decades in the financial industry. Matt acquired Training Resources with the commitment to continuing the new account training programs and materials Suzie developed, recognized for its customization to state law and as one of the industry's most outstanding and comprehensive resources.
Matt is known for his expertise, approachability, sense of humor, and passion for providing knowledge to bankers so they can serve their banks' customers confidently while managing risk. He provides training through 16 State Bank Associations and nationally through OnCourse Learning, a web-based training platform. Matt enjoys family time with his wife and four daughters, cooking, and has completed three full Ironman triathlons, a testament to his dedication and patience; traits bankers can expect to experience when they interact with Matt.